Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wut should i say??

wut should i say 4 dis ques??
plezz me dude

1. What should i employ u?

2. what do u want dis job?

3. why u r interested with dis job?

4. wut can u ofer us that other people cannot??

uwaaaaa...plez weh..tlg ak..
ak xtau nk jwb pe r..

pesanan ringkas: spe2 tlg ak weh..nnti ak blnje dow..BIG MAC 2 ketul lg weh..haha

wrote by Rafidinho


intan.dayana said...

eh2..kne jwb sendri.sbb dea mahu jwpan yg jujur drpd kamu.haha.

tak mahu BIG MAC.xbest!

♥♥cHeNta_tiEha♥♥ said...

jwb la sjjurnye.. jgn menipu..

leh tlg..tpi lupe da time bljr subjek ni sem akhir aritu..


try ea..

1: tell them ur adventages..

2:wanna more experiences.. wanna try new challenge..minat ngn keje tue..

3:tell them u mnt sgt keje tue..menarek.. puji syrkt tue...

4:ur advantages.. the most important one..

so.. gudluck!!!

dpt keje treat ea..??


Hayati Hanuni Halin said...

1. What should i employ u?

because i have the abilities to be as a good and an excellent worker to this company. my knowledge can be applied within this job. and i'll guaranty you that you'll never regret once you had hiring me.

2. what do u want dis job?

of course my main answer is for earning some money. but then, i also wanna gain some experiences and also challenging myself with all the task given. u can count on me.

3. why u r interested with dis job?

because it is related to my study field so i can apply my knowledge here perhaps i can do something beneficial to this company. moreover, the salary offered is quite interesting.

4. wut can u ofer us that other people cannot??

i have some experiences doing some jobs.. during my industrial training, im doing... (state the job here). with all those experiences, it can help me to start a new job here.
in addition, me myself have good qualifications and i'm pretty sure that i can do the job well.
i'm also a quick learner and i dun have any problem doing jobs in any kind of places.
once again sir/mdm, u can count on me.

fiRefLy™ said...

jawab la jujur2 haha..dah la fresh graduate..kalo experience 2 thn xpe nak jwb jujur2 haha..idup ini kejujuran xpetim hahaha..

sor jah nak oyak..hidup sebagaiman anda tentukan haha..

ade usaha tadok luck..xjd gapo..
ado luck tadok usaha..jd..
ado dua2 mmg salute..
tadok dua2..mmg terbaik dr ladang haha

Yna Izyana said...

tipu sikit2 xdop hal.hahaha

a little less conversation said...

klau jwb jujur abih r ak
ak mne r de sgt advantages..

baikk lg..haha
pehal smue suh jujur ni
xmo r..ak nk klentong sket gak..haha

ko mmg terbaik r yati..
memahami ak yg x terer ni..haha

ok! deal..u ans quite interesting..
i hire u
when u can start? tommorow is ok 4 u..

ko pn memahami ak r
ak mne r reti jujur sgt ni..tul x

akk ipr mmg terbaik..
tipoo sunat xpe..