Monday, April 6, 2009

Tag pa ceroh..

The rules are simple. Use Google Image Search to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that, tag no one..hahaha

i am..??
thinking out of the box..really am i?? huh

i really want to go..??
this place--->makkah

my fav place..??
home sweet home..hehe

my fav drink..??
mamak..tea o ais limau onney..wokeh siap..haha

my fav food..??
wuteva nasi "tank" can accept..haha

my fav kolor..??
dark color with spark light..kaler pe ni??..ermm (thinking)

my fav show..??
vroomm..vromm!!top gear..episode veyron vs eurofighter typoon..the best of the best episode..haha
my hobby..??
the best therapy i think..huaaarghh (yawn)..laying down on the bed and krohhh..krohhh

my wishes..??
do u know what the hell this chinese characters mean?? ---> R.I.P

ok thats all 4 tagging mode today

wrote by Rafidinho


Benrauf said...

May you rest in peace. gagagagaga :P
Peace Vm

a little less conversation said...

haha XD

farhana said...

wah bagus nye nak gi mekah..
saya pon nak pegi mekah tapi blom ckup money :( huhu

[ a l i y a ] said...

yg bwh tuh saya familiar tulisan coz tulisan jepun,belajar dulu jap setahun tapi tak reti,wkakka,blaja utk lulus jerkkk

khairummin alfisyahr said...

tagged sampai pagi,
sampai mlm,
sampai ceroh..

tagged pa ceroh,
i hate tag.

a little less conversation said...

far: g, kumpul r duit dr skang =]

sy pn xtau sbnrnye...haha
lor tulisan jepun ke ni..igtkn cina..wawa
xpnah blaja pn bhs jepun..hehe

haha..2 r psl..tag pa ceroh

FARIE said...

ko tito mst sejibik bear tu en..?

a little less conversation said...

eh2 cmne ko tau ni..haha